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Lottie is an open source animation framework trusted by:

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Lottie animations sometimes don't work the way we expect, and it can seem impossible to figure out what's wrong. Our team of Lottie professionals will help you fix your animation.

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We'll inspect your project and tell you how much it will cost to fix it

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We know you need a quick fix - we aim to get it done within 24hrs

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We can arrange a live Q&A session with screensharing if needed

Full Compatibility

We can make your animations compatible with native iOS, Android and React Native & Windows

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Zero risk - you will not be charged if we cannot fix the problem

How it works?

Our easy process will get your project back up and running in no time.

Send us your files

Lottie animations can only be fixed by editing the After Effects source files. We'll need to have a look at the .aep file to fix and optimize the JSON animation.

We inspect and assess

We inspect the .aep file and do an assessment to determine where the problem is coming from. You will receive a free estimate of the cost for repairing the Lottie animation.

We fix the problem

We will repair the After Effects source file and verify that the Lottie animation is exporting correctly. We like to work quickly and aim to get you back on track within 24hrs.

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Premium-level support for Lottie animations.

Fix all your Lottie animated icons, loops & characters

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  • Formatting Fixes
  • File Size Reduction
  • CPU Optimization
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*Exact pricing subject to the amount of work required for your specific project.

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